Joy Jangdhari

 Author/ Speaker

Ceo of-Joy Events 


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 Get Personal Life Coaching with Joy Jangdhari

Joy Jangdhari"s  LIFE  COACHING is unlike any other in the world.  Joy bases her life coaching on "The Technology for your Psychology " which gives you the tools and techniques to understand yourself by looking within.

Joy Jangdhari is the Author of a well-acclaimed book recommended by Doctors, Counselors, Teachers & Entrepreneurs.  " Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings! "  This book encapsulates the tools and techniques she uses in her Life Coaching Practice.  This training and selection process is part of what sets her life coaching program apart from others. 

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the practice of supporting an individual, referred to as a Coachee, through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result.  

How does this approach compared to other techniques we've used to change behavior?  It is helping a person identify the skills and capabilities within themselves, and enabling them to create their own solution process, etc.

College and Career Readiness 

This Coaching deals with " Knowing oneself" and making the best decisions for the future.

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