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Corporate Wellness

 We specialize in corporate health education programs (group workshops and one-on-one coaching). 

We specialize in onsite corporate group programs for personal and professional development

 We specialize in onsite corporate group fitness programs. 

As a smart HR executive, you know that to achieve better engagement and performance, you need an approach that empowers individuals to handle change and solve whatever challenges they may face. You need to build the skills that equip employees and teams to adapt and solve problems with agility and confidence. The key? "Technology for your Psychology"  Programs created from the text taken from " Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!" Author Joy Jangdhari.

As clinical studies show, resilience is not just an innate quality that some people have and some people don't. In this quick guide, you'll discover

  • The skills to bounce back from difficult situations 

  • Stress management skills

  •  Resilience from negative situations

  •  Social and emotional intelligence and much much more!

Corporate Training 

"Technology for your Psychology" by Joy Jangdhari

This education is a must!

10 top Emotionally - Intelligent Fortune 500 CEOs

What tends to set these people apart is a level of disciplined self-awareness that helps them develop as leaders faster than the average CEO, as well as knowing how to attract a complementary team around them.

Jeff Bezos ( With his quirky laugh and self-deprecating style, Bezos doesn’t sound like a Fortune 500 CEO and that’s probably to his benefit. His obsession with the hearts and minds of his customers and his long-term perspective on relationships (and business strategy) are legendary, as was his YouTube announcement of Amazon’s Zappos acquisition in 2009.

Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway): “Success in investing doesn’t correlate with IQ once you’re above the level of 25. Once you have ordinary intelligence, what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble investing.” Intensely loyal and relationship-driven, he asks his CEOs to run their companies as if they were to own them 100 years from now.

•Ursula Burns (Xerox): In tandem with Anne Mulcahy who moved up to Chair, Burns transitioned to CEO as the first woman-to-woman CEO leadership transition in a Fortune 500 company in what has become a pivotal case study in organizational development. Direct, yet respectful, her assertiveness is matched by a sense of mission that inspires her employees.

Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan Chase): At Harvard Business School, Dimon said: “You all know about IQ and EQ. Your IQ’s are all high enough for you to be very successful, but where people often fall short is on the EQ. It’s something you develop over time. A lot of management skills are EQ because management is all about how people function.”

John Donahoe (eBay): Donahoe inherited a difficult situation from Meg Whitman with the need to truly alter the company’s business strategy. As a role model for Jim Collins’ Level 5 (humility & ambition) and Bill George’s “True North“ leaders, Donahoe’s disciplined self-awareness and his listening ability have created a deeply loyal team and a healthy, evolving culture.

Larry Fink (BlackRock): Called “psychologically astute” in a Vanity Fair feature article, Fink created the largest money-management firm in the world based upon self-reflection, teamwork, and direct communication. His senior leadership team embraces EI seminars to improve their skills.

•Alan Mulally (Ford): Walk around Ford’s corporate campus and you will see office cubes featuring handwritten notes that Mulally has sent to employees... praising their work. Great interpersonal skills and a “Clintonesque” ability to make you feel like you’re the only one in the room when you’re in a conversation with him.

Indra Nooyi (Pepsi): Nooyi is a conscious capitalist whose “performance with purpose“ agenda has helped move employees from having a job to living a calling. She is acutely aware that being a woman of color means she may receive more attention and scrutiny, but she still projects her personality without reservation — whether it’s singing in the hallways or walking barefoot in the office. She wrote the parents of 29 senior Pepsi execs to tell them what great kids they’d raised.

Howard Schultz (Starbucks): He says that the main reason he came back was “love“: for the company and its people. Very dedicated to generous health care benefits — inspired by his father losing his health insurance when Schultz was a kid.

Kent Thiry (DaVita): Leaders with high EI/EQ create culture-driven organizations that perform at their peak due to the power of mission and teamwork. Thiry took over a demoralized kidney dialysis center company that was almost out of business and, with a passionate spirit, created nearly 44 percent annual growth in earnings per share in the past decade, 6th highest of any Fortune 500 company.

There are many honorable mentions from Jim Sinegal at Costco to Gary Kelly at Southwest Airlines to Andrea Jung at Avon or John Mackey at Whole Foods Market. As for the top 10, there are some obvious choices as well as some more obscure CEOs.

We come to your workforce with new and updated skills to sharpen your competitive edge!

Customized training will increase employee satisfaction and retention rates, and also improve your bottom line.

As we identify your needs and then design, develop, and deliver company-specific training in programs.

We offer a variety of course delivery options including at your workplace, venues, luncheons, events, retreats, conferences, centers. Whatever your training needs, large or small, the Contract Training Department is prepared to work with you to grow your employees and your bottom line.

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