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Joy Jangdhari Health Educator

 Joy Jangdhari Mission: to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve, by delivering health education and fitness in person and web-based seminars and group training classes on a variety of wellness subjects.  Joy Jangdhari provide engaging, practical, science-based seminars in a group setting to help raise awareness of health choices and reductional health risks among employees.  The educational seminars are one-hour educational seminar in Stress and Anxiety Management, Emotional Management, Social & Emotional Intelligence, Raising a higher caliber of Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being. 

Joy also delivers group wellness classes to support individuals in transforming the way they approach healthy behaviors and use a coaching approach to help participants lose wight, quit smoking, eat healthier, manage stress and increase exercise.  

Joy delivers in person and zoom health education seminars, using slides, power point, videos, and discussions, on various wellness subjects as she provides personal and professional training and development.

Ms. Jangdhari has experience with leading group presentations, knowledge and experience in Health Coaching techniques, Motivational Presentations, Cognitive Behavioral modification.

Author/Speaker in health-related fields in mind - body connection, Researcher in health-related fields Certified Yoga Teacher/ Yoga Therapist.

Ms. Jangdhari is successful of creating programs for health care professions for continuing education and has a strong proven experience of connecting with people on site and online to help them to keep moving forward to a higher caliber in health and joy.

Keynote Speaker for Swell  Conference Berlin Maryland

April 16,2020  9 am-10:30

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Keynote Speaker Joy Jangdhari's ability to connect with her audience on a personal level shows her dedication to her message.  Miss Jangdhari has been recommended by Doctors. Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Health Care Professional. " Technology for your Psychology" based on her book " Living Life As A Joyful Being; be ready for whatever life brings!"   Takes us to the place where we "Look Within."

Joy Jangdhari introduces the concept that  "all life is a relationship beginning with self."

Every group is made up of individuals and through each individual affects the group: ultimately the group affects the individual.

There are positive conditions that contribute and there are negative conditions that subtract the well-being of both the individual and the group.

The health of the individual can be maintained by various techniques but the health of the group only can be maintained by the health of the individual.

What determines the quality of a relationship than anything else?

  • The level of emotional fitness

  • The bases of emotional fitness have to do with your psychology.

  • The relationship with self is the beginning of all relationships.

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Joy Jangdhari 

NY City

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