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Joy Jangdhari CEO

   Joy Events LLC

Inspirational, Educational, Motivational Events 


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Joy Jangdhari,  CEO  of Joy Events LLC  provides

Continuing Education Programs for Health Care Professionals as well as Personal and Professional Development Programs for Corporate Wellness.  Live Seminars, Multi-Day Seminars, In-house training, Live Seminar Certificates. 

Joy Jangdhari leads outside the lines offering "cutting-edge" education:  Wellness Programs to Reclaim Your Health and Well-Being.  Learn skills to reduce stress, increase energy and focus. Change self-limiting habits. Overcome barriers to better choices.  Create positive change! 

Joy Jangdhari at the 14th annual commemoration JRI research institute 

Dear JRI and Friends,

 I just want to take a moment to thank Joy Jangdhari for the work she has done for this year's JRI banquet and conference.  I can't take any credit for this one.  Joy has come to this event as a professional event planner and has transformed it into something amazing that now everybody wants to be a part of.  We are only halfway through the work, but really what she has done this year for our event is something that amazes me.  I could wait until it's all over, but that would be inadequate thanks. I cannot wait to see it unfold!

President,  JRI Research Institute 

14th Annual Commemoration

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We offer many Educational, Inspirational, Motivational Events for you!

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