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 Joy Jangdhari

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In all my years of graduate studies in the field of human behavior, I have never come across a person or a practical book that so accurately describes (with examples), how our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors affect our health and happiness.

We are truly blessed to have Joy Jangdhari to give us a preview of her upcoming weekly workshop.


                                                         Bob Younglove


Reviews and Endorsements "Living Life As A Joyful Being: be ready for whatever life brings!"

Gregory S. Pokrywka MD FACP FNLA NCMP

Assistant Professor of Medicine John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Diplomate American Board Clinical Lipidology and Fellow, National Lipid Assn.

Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Women's Menopausal Health

Director Baltimore Lipid Center, Board Member South East Lipid Assn.

  In a brief, easily readable manual, Joy Jangdhari has given clinicians a roadmap to stress reduction and joyful living for our increasingly beleaguered patients. New research shows the amplifying effects of stress and the hyperadrenergic state on the cardiovascular events that increase morbidity and mortality in our already high-risk insulin resistant patients ( the nearly 0% of our negative past experiences. Simple practical chapters on mindful breathing, introspection, and self- visualization techniques provide a toolkit for patients. Readers are taught liberating techniques to help take charge of their minds and lives. As the first-century Greek philosopher, Epictetus wrote: "men are not disturbed by things, but by the view that they take of them." This is a book to be read and reviewed again and again as new life stresses occur.

I think that this is a book clinicians can recommend to their patients as part of a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine approach to reduction of cardiometabolic risk, along with a proper approach to nutrition, exercise and medication when necessary, Joy Jangdhari also provides highly acclaimed personalized life seminar workshops to businesses and groups for the purpose of personal, professional and business development.

Endorsement Perry Psaros, Lieutenant Colonel

Anyone who has served in the military will find this book to be an excellent resource when dealing with the unique challenges of a military family, such as the pain of multiple deployments. " Living Life As A Joyful Being" provides the soldier with a clear path for introspection and an understanding of the dynamics of relationships with loved ones. And if Jangdhari's roadmap for life is a "difference maker" for the reader, then it is far more than a good read: it's compelling.

Carol Murphy Certified Assoc. Counselor, Alcohol & Drug

Living Life As A Joyful Being offers profound life-changing tools in a simple, readable engaging style.

Joy's desire to touch, move and inspire people and her lifelong research education and training has culminated in this delightful gem. The book meets you "where you are" and helps you understand how you may be "stuck" in past experiences and negative "self-talk" unable to fulfill your potential and live your life with purpose and joy.

This is a Universal book for all: teenagers to seniors, laborers to corporate executives, those struggling with a few emotional scars to those dealing with post-traumatic stress.

As an Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I can see the value of Jangdhari"s  book for recovering people to assist them in meditation and visualization techniques, learning self-acceptance, letting go and techniques for living one day at a time, one moment at a time.

Joy will walk you through a "hands-on" experience of self -understanding, self-acceptance and self-improvement. Enjoy!

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